Catering & Celebrations

“A party without a cake is just a meeting”

Julia Child

Mud-Cake-Whole-2-200Melba Foods range of whole cakes give you a great choice of cakes for every celebration. They are the perfect blank canvas for you to decorate to suit the occasion. The Choc Fudge Cake and Sticky Date Cake are delicious served warm while the Mousse n Mud, Mud Cake and New York Cheesecake ensure there’s something for everyone.





Cookies-and-Cream-Cheesecake-Tray-2-613Melba’s tray cakes can be cut to suit the occasion (download our Tray Cut Options Guide), giving you cost effective options for feeding a crowd. Our great tasting range of logs and rolls are also supplied whole for flexible portion sizing.  Melba Foods are the popular choice for dessert buffet and celebrations.

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